Sunday, March 06, 2005

Close DC Public Schools 

Despite the fact that the temperature outside is freezing I sit at my computer quite comfortable in my warm home, sipping my coffee as I type my thoughts. And while the D.C. Council, School Board, Mayor, and Superintendent go about their daily jobs, all talking as we are on the cusp of major improvements regarding the quality of education in the District of Columbia, outside in the real world nothing has changed. In fact, the argument can be made that public schools in the nation's capital are in much worse shape then before the ruling of Brown vs. The Board of Education was issued almost 51 years ago.

Enough is enough. No more secrets. For the great majority of parents the only decent education their children can get is from the vibrant charter school movement or from being fortunate enough to attend a private school. Our new school Superintendent is trying to make things better from the inside but the bureaucratic fight against these initiatives is certain to be fought to the death.

So while we wait for the situation to improve another generation of kids will not learn as they should and will be unprepared to make valuable contributions to our society.

When something is not working to the extend that public education in broken in our city then something drastic needs to be done. I say let's start over. Let's make each school a charter school or a private school. Or let's turn the whole thing over to a few different organizations like Philadelphia did. All of us who have a stake in the future of Washington D.C. need to stop accepting the status quo and call for an immediate fix. Today, not tomorrow. We cannot afford to let another school year go by.

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