Friday, March 25, 2005

MOMA Is A Mess 

Our family had a great school spring break vacation in New York City and Boston. It was filled with fine food and drink, wonderful theater and art. For example, I have been reading bloggers go on and on about the Chelsea area but it was only on this trip that I understood what they are talking about. We hit some relatively warm weather (we had lunch outside) and strolled from one gallery to another marveling at the all of the stimulating paintings we were seeing for free.

At the other extreme was the new Museum of Modern Art. .

We paid over $100 for two adults and three students to get in. Then, because we had already made quick visits to the Whitney and the Met we went to sit in one of the museum's cafes for some drinks. $20 later we were ready to see some art. It was difficult to find. After drifting through three gigantic floors of modern junk we went up to the fourth level to see the type of abstract stuff that is often the subject of many jokes. Finally, on the fifth floor, we got to see the paintings that led me to fall in love with this museum years ago. However, now that they are in these large galleries they have lost the intimacy that allowed you to recognize their significance. I did not think it possible to make "Starry Night" look like just one of numerous other paintings on display but somehow it was a simple accomplishment by the folks over at MOMA. Sad. I don't think I will be returning.

If you are in NYC the place to be now is the Whitney. Their fifth floor has ten Edward Hopper painting on display. And on the fourth floor until May 29th is the first ever retrospective of the work of Tim Hawkinson. We all found it interesting and fun. You should have seen the little kids getting into it. The Whitney describes him as a sculptor but I would say that his creations transcend categorization. I've included a link here so that you can get some idea what I'm talking about, but you really need to see it in person.

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