Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Obama Calls For Windfall Profits Tax 

Senator Obama has called for a windfall profits tax on oil companies which he would then use to bribe, I mean give, to low and moderate income individuals so that they can more easily afford to pay their energy bills.

Doesn't sound like the politics of the future to me. When you say windfall profits tax my mind immediately goes back to when Jimmy Carter was president and the country, according to him, was in a malaise.

Actually what we need is a windfall campaign contribution tax on Mr. Obama. Just look at it. The guy has been raising $40 million a month for almost two years now. What is he going to do with all this money? Buy some more commercial time? This is just a political contest. Think of all the poor people out there who could use these funds to fill up their gas tank or pay their mortgage. What about the many others who can't afford food because some liberals came up with the great idea of using corn as fuel? Now is the time for us to take back some of this cash and give it to those less fortunate. It's the only moral thing to do.

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