Monday, August 04, 2008

A Good Day For Charters 

The Editors of the Washington Post come out strongly today in support of turning closed DCPS facilities over to charter schools. In an editorial entitled "Respect for Charter Schools" the newspaper says that the Fenty Administration should just "get over it" in response to their failure to consider charters for former traditional public school buildings.

It now looks like the one who cannot get any respect is DCPS Chancellor Michelle Rhee. In an article yesterday by Washington Post Reporter Bill Turque about her plans to raise money in support of her new strategy to raise teacher salaries we have this gem:

While the city's business and political leadership laud her sense of urgency, they have also been frustrated by what they describe as a lack of detail about her long-term intentions. She has also put off potential allies with what is frequently described as a blunt, dismissive manner.

"She is without a doubt a different personality," said Mike Kimsey, president and executive director of the Kimsey Foundation, a major nonprofit supporter of education overhaul, who added that he does not know Rhee well enough yet but has heard the complaints, almost always leveled privately.
Not a good sign.

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