Saturday, July 26, 2008

Marion Barry To Open Charter Schools 

Forget for a short minute that having a school focused on leadership run by ex-convict Marion Barry is about as far from an example to our students that you would find and the news that he is trying to open two charters is interesting for one main reason. He is not trying to do this through DCPS.

With Barak Obama passing through Germany I'm reminded of the story libertarians tell regarding the virtues of freedom. When the Berlin Wall came down people rushed West instead of East.

Here is the Councilman on the same theme:

"I believe in choice -- choice for the parents and choice for me to decide what I am going to do."
And now that the money has been found for the converted catholic schools to open as charters it looks like the movement will continue it's dramatic growth in enrollment. Mr. Barry will add to charters soon becoming the delivery system in which most kids in the District receive their education.

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