Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Michelle Rhee Takes My Advice 

Almost. Today's Washington Post reports that the D.C. School Chancellor is considering turning over twenty five failing schools to non-profit charter school operators. In September I called for turning all of DCPS into charter schools.

This move raises some interesting questions. The article by Theola Labbe and Dion Haynes says that Miss Rhee may propose bringing in three non-profits which she listed as St. Hope, Green Dot, and Mastery Charter Schools. Miss Rhee was on the board of St. Hope and I'm guessing she is looking at these companies because they have a proven track record of turning around inner city schools. But how will these firms operate if they are not actively competing for students as charter schools must do? What need will these operators have for a central office? Will they be able to set up their own curriculum and hire and fire who they want? And finally, why is it the failing schools that get their freedom from government bureaucracy. Shouldn't the successful district schools be rewarded by being the first to be released from the grasp of DCPS?

It would be much better if she would just listen to me and allow all schools to become charters.

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