Thursday, September 20, 2007

So Now I'm Totally Confused 

Michelle Rhee is now the Chancellor over DCPS and the D.C. Public Charter School Board is in charge of all the charters but according to Theola Labbe of the Washington Post for those schools that are failing under NCLB it is up to the office of the state superintendent to monitor these facilities and to intervene if Miss Rhee or the individual charters fail to make the necessary changes:

Speaking about the state office's new powers to oversee failing schools, [State Superintendent Deborah] Gist said that if the office does not see improvements, according to federal law, "we have to take action ourselves."

So when it comes to fixing the most troublesome schools that job falls to the State Superintendent and not the Chancellor or the D.C. Public Charter School Board? Can the State Superintendent really tell a charter what to do? And if this is the case then Mayor Fenty's takeover of the schools did not make accountability simplier, it make it much more complex. Perhaps Deborah Gist should be Chancellor?

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