Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Jim Webb Is Crazy 

Well, I hope everyone who voted for Mr. Webb is happy with what they got. In an editorial today in the Wall Street Journal the new Senator shows that he is not the conservative that he portrayed in the campaign, but is really a far-left liberal in the Leslie Byrne tradition.

There are so many ignorant statements he makes that it is difficult to know where to start. A good overall example is that after Mr. Webb spends many paragraphs ripping apart the American economy, he then says that a survey in the Economist came to the conclusion that "unless a solution is found to sluggish real wages and rising inequality, there is a serious risk of a protectionist backlash" in America that would take us away from what they view to be the "biggest economic stimulus in world history." Mr. Webb, many of us have benefited from this economic stimulus.

He goes on to whine about the loss of manufactoring jobs in this country. Is this what he wants his children to do all day, sitting in a factory making shirts?

He talks about how many elite people no longer support the public school system. But survey after survey has shown that liberal politicians who fight competition to the traditional schools already have the advantage of school choice because they send their kids to private schools.

Mr. Webb complains about the 47 million Americans without health insurance. Do you think he would support public policy proposals that make it easier for people to obtain insurance independent from where they are employeed with the ability to build up health savings accounts? Don't hold your breath.

Of course, through legislation Mr. Webb is going to fix all that he sees is wrong with the economy. In this attitude he is not much different from Marx.

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