Thursday, November 09, 2006

DC Board Of Education Gives Up Chartering 

As Theola Labbe reports in today's Washington Post the DC Board of Education has voted to end its authorizing of new charter schools. This decision comes after the board has imposed a couple of moratoriums recently on chartering. Of course, I have long called for them to take this action but it is interesting that they agreed to move now with a new Mayor and board about to take office.

Two ideas have reached a tipping point in D.C.'s charter school movement. The first is that it is a conflict of interest for Superintendent Janey and the D.C. School Board to provide oversight of charter schools when their vested interest is in seeing students stay in the DCPS system. Miss Labbe refers to this one in her article.

The second involves the criticism by public school supporters that charters drain money from DCPS. Charter school folks are now arguing effectively that if this was such a concern then the public schools would open all of their excess space for charter school facilities so that the charters are not turning so much public money over to private developers for classrooms.

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