Monday, September 11, 2006

Common Sense On September 11th 

The best article today comes from Cathy Young, Boston Globe and Reason Magazine columnist. Here's an excerpt:

Perhaps this polarization is itself a legacy of Sept. 11. Perhaps, after the horror and destruction of that day, we are still looking for black-and-white moral clarity, only different people see black and white on different sides. For some, "evildoers" include not only foreign enemies but liberals and leftists at home; for others, absolute evil resides in the White House itself. Ironically, today's more diverse -- and more fractured -- media contribute to the polarized discourse, allowing people to stay in comfortable ideological niches.

Some of the tensions and dichotomies we confront today may be tragic paradoxes with no good answers. Yet in many cases, solutions that transcend the either/or and address both sides of the issue are possible -- as long as one is willing to look at both sides.

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