Thursday, August 31, 2006

New York Times Takes Shot At Charter Schools 

Last week while I was in New York City dropping our youngest daughter off at NYU to start her freshman year and looking at the Edward Hopper paintings at the Whitney, the New York Times went on the attack on charter schools.

There are so many errors contained in this editorial that I can't even comment. Instead I'll answer with my own letter to the editor in the Washington Post. Keep your eyes this coming Sunday on the Close to Home page in the Outlook section for my response.

More importantly, let's go back to the Edward Hopper exhibition. As I have witnessed before (especially a couple of years ago in London) it is never quiet around a showing of his paintings. People love to speculate about the scenes in front of them. They question what those in the paintings are doing. Sometimes arguments break out. The fact that viewers become so connected to the art fascinates me.

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