Monday, September 05, 2005

Bank AT BB&T 

That's where our family has our checking account. It turns out that the CEO of BB&T, John A. Allison IV, is a huge Ayn Rand fan. So much so that his company's foundation just donated a million dollars to the University of North Carolina Charlotte to create a center for the study of the moral foundations of capitalism. From the press release:

The donation was spearheaded by BB&T Chairman and CEO John A. Allison IV, who found common interests with Claude Lilly, dean of the Belk College.
"During a dinner meeting last year, our conversation turned from ethics and leadership to metaphysics, Objectivism and Ayn Rand," Lilly said. "John and I discovered that we share an interest in how business schools discuss capitalism in their courses, as well as the importance of teaching ethics and values in business."
The gift will also allow for the construction of an Ayn Rand Library at the university.

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