Tuesday, June 14, 2005

George Will Credits Institute for Justice 

From the latest issue of Newsweek columnist George Will says this about my friends at IJ:

The Institute for Justice, the merry band of libertarian litigators who are defending Floridians desperate for school choice, says: There is nothing "uniform" about a state school system in which many schools?mostly attended by minority children from poor families?are consistently assigned an F grade by the state, while many other schools, particularly in affluent areas, consistently receive high state grades for delivering the "high quality" education to which Florida's constitution says all the state's children are entitled.

Why do the teachers unions fighting poor families focus only on the word "uniform"?What about the other adjectives in Florida's constitution? Does anyone think Florida is providing all students with public schools that are "efficient, safe, secure, and high quality"? Can the unions assert that without blushing? Probably.
The entire article is great as a polemic in favor of school choice. The mention of IJ couldn't happen to about a better group of people.

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