Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Summer Interns 

Jason DeParle of the New York Times covers the new group of interns arriving at the Heritage Foundation:

They are young and bright and ardently right. They tack Ronald Reagan calendars on their cubicle walls and devote brown bag lunches to the free market theories of Friedrich von Hayek. They come from 51 colleges and 28 states, calling for low taxes, strong defense and dorm rooms with a view.

And let's get one thing straight: they're not here to run the copying machine.

The summer interns of the Heritage Foundation have arrived, forming an elite corps inside the capital's premier conservative research group. The 64 interns are each paid a 10-week stipend of $2,500, and about half are housed in a subsidized dorm at the group's headquarters, complete with a fitness room.
Please read the entire article. Great story about how the Heritige Foundation is making sure that it raises the next generation of conservative leaders.

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