Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Search For A High School In D.C. - Update 

In Sunday's Washington Post Outlook Section Katie Davis provides a fascinating ground-level view of trying to find the most appropriate high school for a 13 year old boy.

Update: I emailed Ms. Davis to say I liked her column and asked her if she had looked at charter schools. On Sunday I received her response:

Hi Mark,

Thank you for writing. Yes, we looked at the Charter Schools. Luke was in a fabulous one-Capital City. Hyde and Chavez are both excellent but there is a certain rigidity there that doesn't fit Luke's personality. Mandatory summer school, detention if a child is late.

He's more of an open classroom type of kid. That's where he thrives.

So, sadly, we passed on those Charters. I have placed quite a few other kids
in those. We are thrilled that he's going to go to Field...and I'll just raise the

Let's stay in touch.

Katie Davis

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