Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Eastern High School Choir 

Marc Fisher writing in today's Washington Post laments the decline of the once proud Choir at Eastern High School. But what he really has done is sing the praises (pun intended) of charter schools:

Contrast Eastern's sad state with the artistic and academic attractions offered
by the growing fleet of charter schools and you see why so many parents are
switching. At Stokes Public Charter School on 16th Street NW, the choir has
released its third CD, produced by its accomplished music director, Cheryl
Jones. The student choir tours along with a spirited faculty chorus. A number of
charter schools boast similar lures...

"Folks who are looking to reform the schools have a tendency to define success exclusively in terms of reading and math skills," without regard to the rest of education, says D.C. school board member Victor Reinoso (Wards 3 and 4). When charter schools let kids delve deeply into something -- robotics (Friendship Edison), culinary arts (The New School), the law (Thurgood Marshall Academy) -- it's no wonder parents flee the regular public schools.

His column even hints that if Wilson High School converts to a charter then Eastern may not be far behind.

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