Friday, December 03, 2004

Bret Schundler Back In Politics 

The New York Times reported the other day on N.J. Democratic Senator John Corzine entering the 2005 race for Governor to fill the vacancy created when James McGreevey resigned after being caught in a homosexual extra-marital love affair (isn't politics great!).

But the much bigger story is that Bret Schundler is once again running on the republican side. Mr. Schundler lost badly to Mr. McGreevey the last time around after running an ineffective campaign. During that election I wanted to go up to New Jersey to work for the man because he is a pro-life republican who is a strong libertarian in his public policy positions. For those of you who do not know, Mr. Schundler used to the popular mayor of heavily democratic Jersey City, New Jersey, where he cut taxes, reduced government spending, advocated for school vouchers, and introduced private competition for public sector jobs.

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