Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Washington Posts Refutes View Of FOCUS 

Today's Washington Post editorial, almost certainly written by Colbert King, contrasts sharply with the rosy picture of the charter school facility legislation sponsored by F.O.C.U.S. and Senator Landrieu, and represents my take on this issue. Here's a sample:

Why on earth would Ms. Landrieu arbitrarily take such unilateral action without a word to city officials? Apparently the Louisiana senator, despite her oft-professed respect for local self-determination, is inclined to throw comity and courtesy to the wind and grant the wishes of local charter groups when lobbied directly. The bill, now awaiting presidential signature, still has a problem provision that takes away any discretion by the mayor and D.C. Council on the disposition of future school property, giving charter schools the right of first refusal on any property the school system wants to sell. Yes, it derails the District's service and revenue priorities. But why should the senator and the charter group she serves care? They got their way. Not for long, however. Appropriations Committee members, incorrectly led to believe that the District had accepted the senator's provision, have vowed to undo the damage when they return. They should.

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