Thursday, December 02, 2004

Peggy Noonan On Dan Rather 

I steered you to her excellent thoughts on the 2004 presidential election. Today, she writes equally eloquently on Dan Rather's career. It will catch most of us by surprise that she worked for Mr. Rather in the 1980's and grew to respect him. Here's an excerpt but the whole article is worth reading:

He was a young, modestly educated Texas boy from nowhere, with no connections and a humble background. He had great gifts, though: physical strength, attractiveness, ambition, commitment and drive. He wanted to be a star. He was willing to learn and willing to pay his dues. He covered hurricanes and demonstrations, and when they got him to New York they let him know, as only an establishment can, what was the right way to think, the intelligent enlightened way, the Eastern way, the Ivy League way, the Murrow School of Social Justice way. They let him know his simple Texan American assumptions were not so much wrong as not fully thought through, not fully nuanced, not fully appreciative of the multilayered nature of international political realities. He swallowed it whole.

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