Monday, November 15, 2004

Ted Olson 

My wife and I bumped into Ted Olsen while shopping in Sutton Place Gourmet in Reston yesterday (the grocery store chain has been renamed Balducci's.) He was until recently the U.S. Solicitor General who successfully argued Bush v. Gore before the Supreme Court and the Zelman case which upheld using school vouchers to attend parochial schools, and whose wife Barbara died on 9/11/01 on the plane that hit the Pentagon. I introduced myself, shook his hand, told him how much I respect him, and then asked if he was going to move to the Supreme Court. He said yes.

Not really. He said he was happy were he was. We then both laughed. I guess we thought it was funny that I was putting him on the spot after just meeting him as I did.

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