Wednesday, February 06, 2008


The William E. Doar Jr., Public Charter School for the Performing Arts is going into the competition to take over the Washington Academy Charter School as a gigantic underdog. Four schools that we know of want it. They are Friendship, Hope Community, Howard Road, and us. We recognize that Friendship is the most likely to win because they have taken over schools before and because they have tremendous resources.

What we need to have people to understand is that we offer a unique integreated standards based curriculum to these students in Southeast. The arts expand the ability of kids to learn and develops softskills that allow individuals to excell in life.

Also, compared to one of eight campuses of Friendship that made AYP last year we acheived this benchmark with one site after only three years. We know how to advance our students and it not through a concentration on only math and reading.

A win for us would be a tremendous win for these students in Ward 7.

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