Saturday, February 02, 2008

Finally A Good Night 

Last evening I attending the community forum held by the D.C. Public Charter School Board to discuss the closing of the Washington Academy Charter School at the end of February. The large hall at the Pennsylvania Baptist Church was filled with parents of the school and their children. One after the other stood up to express their anger that they and their kids were facing having to change schools in the middle of the academic year.

I have to compliment Tom Nida, the Chairman of the DCPCSB who handled himself with class during the all the yelling by those in the crowd.

Fairly early into the two and a half hour session one of the parents asked who the four schools were that had expressed serious interest in taking over Washington Academy. The list includes William E. Doar, Jr., Friendship, Hope Community, and Howard Road. Only us and Howard Road were presented at the meeting.

I guess because I was sitting close to the front with Julie Doar-Sinkfield, WEDJ's Executive Director, each and every time the four schools were mentioned our's was named first. This generated quite a bit of interest from those in the audience in our school. Many asked if they could enroll at our Edgewood Street location now.

So now we just have to wait. The RFP to take over the school is due next Friday with a decision by February 15th. A public hearing will be held back at the church before a school is selected.

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