Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Washington Post Message To Board Of Ed 

Drop dead.

And I found this very interesting comment by political commentator Mark Plotkin made during a Washington Post on-line chat yesterday:

Washington, D.C.: Mark, do you think that Bob Bobb has the political skill and savvy to thwart Mayor Fenty's plan to do a Michael Bloomberg/Joel Klein takeover of the public school system by its passage of an aggressive internal reform package? Do you think that Bobb's aggressive movement will place enough City Council members in doubt to make Fenty's campaign pledge melt away?

Mark Plotkin: The votes are not there at this point for Bob Bobb's plan. I would like to ask Mr. Bobb many questions, but the incompetence of his office does not permit a prompt return of phone calls -- even parents who are supportive of his position do not hear back from him.

The Fenty plan will pass and Mr. Janey will be gone.

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