Sunday, January 28, 2007

The New York Experience 

For those rooting for the Fenty Plan pay attention to what the editors of the New York Times had to say today about their city's experience with it:

The Regents and State Legislature have been fretting about the cold shoulder the city has shown to parents and communities since soon after legislators gave Mr. Bloomberg full control of the public schools. That’s when the city did away with the longstanding system of 32 community school districts and combined them into 10 regions.

It may have saved money, but it also put more distance between the school system and families. Schools Chancellor Joel Klein has promised to rectify those problems. But the new reform, which sweeps away the 10 regions altogether, runs the risk of making the situation worse.
One person who is definately against the D.C. school takeover is Councilwoman Carol Schwartz. In a weak editorial appearing in yesterday's Washington Post she makes the case that we should give the current arrangement three more years. To me its amazing that these politicians can sleep at night knowing what is going on in this city regarding DCPS.

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