Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Tears From 9/11 Have Not Stopped 

Almost four years after 9/11/01 Belle English of the Boston Globe writes about one family that recently buried remains of a dad. He was 42 years old:

But it was Cindy McGinty's address, largely to her sons, who were sitting in the front pew, that brought tears to eyes. ''I do not know why this happened nor can I make any sense of it better today than I could on September 11," she told them. ''What I do know for sure is that your dad loved us very much. Your dad taught me many things, and I am going to share them with you today because they are life lessons that are important to remember and details about his life that we should not forget."

She went on to speak of his being an Air Force brat who attended the US Naval Academy, and told how they met on a blind date. ''The only thing I ever wanted to be was someone's wife and mother. I think the same could be said of your dad. He wanted more than anything to be a husband and a father, to be part of a family. The fact that we found each other was my proof that miracles happen," she said.
The story brings back the feelings of disorienting bewilderment that surrounded those days immediately after the tragedy.

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