Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Kevin Chavous Defends D.C. Voucher Program 

The ex-councilman has a letter in the Washington Post today defending private school vouchers in the wake of the attack by People for the American Way. Here's the letter:

People for the American Way, a longtime opponent of school choice, recently released a report criticizing the progress of the city's voucher program, known as the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program ["Group Opposed to Vouchers Cites
Shortcomings," Metro, Feb. 8]. The program, however, is on track.

Congress provided the Washington Scholarship Fund, which administers the
program, fewer than 60 days to educate D.C. parents about the new options for
their kids. Still, more than 2,600 parents showed interest in the program, and
more than 1,000 signed up. Thanks to intensified education efforts, that
interest is expected to skyrocket next school year.

Yes, the District's choice program is young. It will take time to feel its full effect on our community. But that positive effect will come if we support the program. Most important, we must join to keep national political forces from getting between our kids and the opportunities they deserve.

Distinguished Fellow
Center for Education Reform

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