Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Friend Argues Case Before The Supreme Court - Update 

Years ago Scott Bullock traveled out to where I live to speak at a Reston Republican Club meeting in favor of school choice. Scott had never been to this area before and he was shocked how far it was away from the District. At the time almost everyone assembled that night was against the idea.

Yesterday, Scott took the side of Susette Kelo before the Supreme Court in the eminent domain case Kelo v. City of New London. As Linda Greenhouse reports in the New York Times today, the Institute of Justice defended the right of homeowners to protect their properties when the state tries to take them away to pave the way for economic development. Of course, the Founders never intended that eminent domain would be used to increase the amount of cash available for local politicians to spend. The taking of personal property was only to be used as a last resort for a recognized "public good" such as the building of a new road. However, as Ms. Greenhouse remarks, it looks like the Court was in no mood to see every eminent domain case in the country come to their bench so they can decide which ones to bless and which ones to reject. Sad.

Update: The Cato Institute has released a study on the subject. Click here to read.

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