Thursday, February 10, 2005

D.C. Board Of Education To Stop Issuing Charters 

V. Dion Haynes reports today in the Washington Post that the D.C. Board of Education is proposing a moratorium on issuing new charters so Superintendent Janey can determine where they fit in the overall scheme of education in the District. Robert Caine from F.O.C.U.S. is not happy:

"This is frightening and infuriating. This looks like an attempt to integrate the charter schools into the DCPS," Cane said.

"I think the board should get out of the chartering business and get another board . . . to take its place."

Remember the saying be careful what you ask for because you may get it. This is exactly what is taking place here. Charter school leaders have complained incessantly that charters have not been integrated into DCPS and that they have been denied access to vacant or under-utilized public school buildings. But the people who have been crying for inclusion have either been in denial or blind to the fact that when you legitamize the political system to reach an end then the political system will exert its influence in a manner equal or greater to what you are trying to achieve. No I didn't come up with this. Ayn Rand called this the "sanction of the victim".

In any case the chartering authority to which WEDJ reports to, the D.C. Public Charter School Board, would not be impacted by the moratorium. A decision is due next week.

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