Saturday, February 05, 2005

Social Security 

For some reason everyone at work knows I voted for President Bush in the last election. The primary motivation for my decision was his proposal for social security choice. Yesterday, one of our receptionists came up to me and asked me what I thought of private social security accounts. She went on to question me about whether I thought people would have sufficient knowledge to make wise investment decisions.

At dinner last night I recounted this discussion with my wife. I told her that Democrats are making a big mistake by opposing the President's plan because it has a lot of support from young people. I went on to say that private accounts are not an ideological Republican or Democratic public policy position, but are instead a thirty year old libertarian idea that is outside of traditional political boundaries.

Well I didn't know I was clairvoyant. Today's New York Times includes a column by
Nicholas Kristof entitled "Social Security Poker: It's Time for Liberals to Ante Up."
He writes:

Liberals are making a historic mistake by lining up so adamantly against Social Security reform.... It shouldn't be liberal to oppose wealth-creating savings programs for workers. And it shouldn't be conservative to use loans to launch a multitrillion-dollar program.

With articles such as this being published I think the President will get what he wants.

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