Sunday, January 02, 2005

Renditions Used To Hid "War On Terror" Prisoners 

Dana Priest of the Washington Post details efforts by our government to hide "War on Terror" captives as a way to circumvent Supreme Court rules it finds inconvenient:

The CIA had floated a proposal to build an isolated prison with the intent of keeping it secret, one intelligence official said. That was dismissed immediately as impractical.

One approach used by the CIA has been to transfer captives it picks up abroad to third countries willing to hold them indefinitely and without public proceedings. The transfers, called "renditions," depend on arrangements between the United States and other countries, such as Egypt, Jordan and Afghanistan, that agree to have local security services hold certain terror suspects in their facilities for interrogation by CIA and foreign liaison officers.

The practice has been criticized by civil liberties groups and others, who point out that some of the countries have human rights records that are criticized by the State Department in annual reports.

Why don't they just shoot the prisoners to death and be done with them once and for all?

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