Friday, December 31, 2004

Can I Please Explain The Commerce Clause? 

Stanford Unger, The President of Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland, has found a nice little nugget of legislation tucked neatly into the recently signed $388 billion omnibus spending bill which was added by Senator Byrd (D-WVA). Now, any school accepting federal money (including WEDJ) will have to hold an annual program centered around the U.S. Constitution on September 17th, which is the anniversary of its 1789 signing.

Mr. Unger's editorial in today's Washington Post expresses his concern regarding the federal government interfering in setting school curriculum. As a libertarian, of course, this new requirement turns my stomach. But even more worrisome then the point made by Mr. Unger is exactly what will be taught on this day. We already know that few in this country understand that our Constitution is one of limited delineated powers granted to the federal government. Could you imaging Michael Moore teaching a class? Now that's scary.

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