Sunday, January 23, 2005

CT Body Scanner 

I never liked the idea of those preventative whole-body C.A.T. Scans that were advertised on the radio. First, it appeared to me that this was a get-rich-quick scheme by doctors to take cash directly from patients and avoid having to deal with insurance companies and their decreased reimbursement. Second, having worked in medicine for over 20 years I knew that insignificant finding resulting from these fast scans would be blown out of proportion by the lay person, which would result in more tests. The important fact you need to know is that you want to stay away from hospitals and physicians if you can avoid it, since one thing can easily lead to another and before you know it the system will make sure that if something wasn't wrong with you before there will certainly be something now.

For these reasons I was encouraged to see in a story by Gina Kolata appearing in today's New York Times that many of the companies offering this service have now gone out of business. I guess the public also figured out the problems with these test.

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