Saturday, January 22, 2005

Dr. Summer's Remarks 

I thought that the comment by the Harvard University President that women may be unrepresented in top academic posts due to "innate differences" was just dumb. But in today's Washington Post Ruth Marcus has me thinking that he may have a point:

Many of the same people denouncing Summers, I'd venture, believe fervently that homosexuality, for example, is a matter of biology rather than of choice or childhood experience. Many would demand that medical studies be structured to consider differences between men and women in metabolizing drugs, say, or responding to a particular disease. And many who find Summers's remarks offensive seem perfectly happy to trumpet the supposed attributes that women bring to the workplace -- that they are more intuitive, or more empathetic or some such. If that is so -- and I've always rather cringed at such assertions -- why is it impermissible to suggest that there might be some downside differences as well?


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