Thursday, December 16, 2004

More Of Nat Hentoff On Alberto Gonzales 

What a strong job he has been doing exposing this nominee for U.S. Attorney General (although after what we have learned about Janet Reno perhaps my expectations are too high.) Almost makes me want to subscribe to the Village Voice. From a recent column:

Actually, The Washington Post's challenge is to the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee. The Republican members will vote, in lockstep, for Gonzales. But I have found out that most, if not all, of the Democrats will also cave in?after harrumphing at Gonzales for some hours.

I know this from an inside source whom I cannot name. I very rarely use blind sources, but there are times when to report on what's actually going on, I have to protect a source. The Democrats on the committee know what I, and others, have been telling you about Gonzales. In their possession, for instance, is a copy of the July/August 2003 Atlantic Monthly article by Alan Berlow that documents how Gonzales, as legal counsel to then Texas governor George W. Bush, sent 56 death row inmates to be executed after giving three-to-seven-page memos on their cases to Bush that rubber-stamped the lethal decision of the notoriously murderous Texas courts.

At least, as Neil Lewis reports in today's New York Times, some people are going to oppose his nomination. And wasn't it Mr. Gonzales that vetted Secretary of Homeland Security nominee Bernard Kerik?

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