Sunday, December 12, 2004

Janet Reno - The Criminal 

I cannot believe that this story is only coming to light now. A depressing and shocking tale comes out of the November/December CATO Institute "Policy Report." In an article based upon his book "Constitutional Chaos: What Happens When the Government Breaks Its Own Laws", Judge Andrew Napolitano describes how the past U.S. Attorney General tried to guarantee her re-election as Dade County's State Attorney in 1984 by drumming-up the crime of child abuse involving 20 children against Frank Fuster in relation to the child care business he and his wife ran out of their home.

Because Ms. Reno lacked evidence for a conviction in the case she needed the assistance of Mr. Fuster's wife in providing proof of the crime. So, according to the author, after both of the Fosters were arrested:

Reno had Ileana isolated from the prison population and placed in solitary confinement,naked. Ileana described her treatment in a 1998 interview: "They would give me cold showers. Two people will hold me, run me under cold water, then throw me back in the cell naked with nothing, just a bare floor. And I used to be cold, real cold. I would have my periods and they would just wash me and throw me back into the cell."

Late one night, the naked Ileana, according to her lawyer, received a visit in her darkened solitary cell from an intimidating 6-foot-2 woman. The woman told Ileana that she knew that Ileana and her husband were guilty. "But how can that be? We are innocent," Ileana proclaimed. "Who are you?" "I'm Janet Reno," the woman said. Ileana repeatedly told Reno that she was innocent, and Reno kept repeating, "I'm sorry, but you are not. You're going to have to help us." Reno made several more solitary, nightly visits to the naked Ileana, each time threatening Ileana that she would remain in prison for the rest of her life if she didn't tell Reno what she wanted to hear. Finally, Reno hired two psychiatrists from a company called Behavior Changers Inc., who met Ileana 34 times in a one-month period. These psychiatrists claimed to be able to help individuals "recover memories," but their technique was simply to hypnotize Ileana so that she could be brainwashed into believing that Frank Fuster was a child molester. The coercion eventually worked: with the psychiatrists present and with Janet Reno squeezing her hand, Ileana implicated her husband.

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