Saturday, October 23, 2004

Friday At Cato 

I checked out the Cato website and saw that there was an all day conference on Friday regarding the war in Iraq and I immediately signed up.

The conference was tremendous. It was co-sponsored by The Objectivist Center (their link is on my page)and it was great to see David Kelly again. David is the organization's President and I was one of the original supporters of his group when it was founded over 10 years ago. I remember the shock by people who attended his early conferences that you could actually question the ideas of Ayn Rand.

This was a conference targeted directly at libertarians. And it was packed! People were seated outside the auditorium. Exactly half of the speakers were for the war and half were against. This surprised me since I thought libertarians were unified in their opposition to the war. Even more shocking was that the objectivists were in favor of our involvement.

Fantastic presentations by Deroy Murdack (for), Jacob Hornberger (against), Nick Gillespie (questioning), and Ted Galen Carpenter (against). In the end, my mind was not changed. I am still against the war but I respect the views of the other side.

I had a good conversation of Nick Gillespie, the editor of Reason Magazine, and found out that he has moved with his wife to Washington, D.C. He is interested in my involvement with the WEDJ PCS and he said he would love to come by and see it. A great day.

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