Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Now What Happens To The Voucher Students? 

Dena Levitz of the Examiner has a story today wondering about the fate of 550 Opportunity Scholarship students who attend one of the eight catholic schools that is being considered for conversion to charters. In the piece she quotes Jennifer Brown, chief programs and operations officer at the Washington Scholarship Fund as saying:

“This is just adding more options to a wonderful, robust landscape of educational options,”

Don't believe it for a second. The D.C. voucher program has a major problem in that there is a severe shortage of spaces for high school students. For a time, the Doar School tried to open a private high school to absorb some of these kids, however the financials just didn't work out.

Private schools receive $7,500 per student as part of the Opportunity Scholarship (voucher) Program. However, charters, in 2007, received $9362 for each high school student and another $2809 towards facilities for a total of $12,171.

No wonder these catholic school want to convert to charters.

This is why the issue of religious instruction becomes so important. I think Archbishop Wuerl should convert his schools to charters and leave the curriculum as it is. Then the fun really begins.

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