Sunday, August 21, 2005

Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Else To Lose 

I guess the big news in cyberspace this Summer is that my friend Casey Lartigue has quit his job at Fight for Children and is going off on his own. This after leaving The Cato Institute as a policy analyst a couple of years ago. He even changed the name of his blog. Casey comments:

I recently adopted a mentor who says--"Get off the plantation! When you're working for someone else, putting money in that person's pocket, you are just like a 19th century slave."

Strange words from a libertarian. Yes, if an employer is acting as a muzzle around your mouth and you cannot be a civic activist as you would like then I would be the first to say that you need to run toward the exit sign.

But remember that Casey ignited the school voucher movement in Washington, D.C. when he was at Cato with his report on the state of public education in the city. And he has been extremely active while at Fight for Children with the Washington Scholarship Fund.

Those of us who believe in the free market understand that there are advantages to both parties in a healthy employer/employee relationship. When the scale tips widely to the boss then it may be time to go. But a fighter may also try and correct the situation first if there is hope for the association and value in the work that is being done. I'm wondering if Casey took the easy way out to the detriment of the organizations he abandoned.

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