Monday, January 10, 2005

Everyone Is A Criminal In Truro 

Pam Belluk of the New York Times reports that in Truro, Massachusetts police are asking that all males provide them with a DNA sample in their attempt to solve the three year old murder of Christa Worthington. For those who don't want to be treated as a suspect the authorities will be keeping a list. I learned of the story while listening to C-Span on the radio on my way into work. From the story:

Raising concerns among civil libertarians and prompting both resistance and support from men in Truro, the state and local police began collecting the genetic samples last week, visiting delicatessens, the post office and even the town dump to politely ask men to cooperate. Legal experts said the sweeping approach had been used only in limited instances before in the United States - although it is more widely used in Europe - and in at least one of those cases it prompted a lawsuit.

Sgt. David Perry of the Truro Police Department and other law enforcement authorities here say that the program is voluntary but that they will pay close attention to those who refuse to provide DNA.

Let's see how fast the ACLU goes to court to stop this fourth amendment violation of rights.

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